Textgram messaging services, apps and more.

Sending free text messages is easy. All you need to know is the name of the recipients wireless provider and their phone number. Just click the recipients wireless provider from the list below to send a message from their online gateway or use Phonecaster.

"We use textgram to alert hospital gift shop managers and volunteers to incoming flower deliveries." Hospital Gift Shop, Inc.

"We install Wi-Fi antennas and rely on your service to communicate to all team members during an install." Wireless Antennas
"Using textgram is an essential dispatch tool for our rooftop HDTV Antenna  crews."

Wired Magazine- April, 2001 Textgram for Mongo: Hollywood Pixels has introduced Textgram -- a Web-based service that allows users to send messages to and from mobile phones in the United States, regardless of the service provider or network standard. Read the original article

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